Grand Canyon Dawn

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I should take some inventory in my life at this time. There are so many wonderful things I’ve been able to see and experience. The greatness of life is not in the fame we have for our works, nor in fortunes amassed. True greatness is being able to look back on what we have done and to know, in spite of obstacles and mistakes, that we have indeed fought the good fight. True hope is in the realization that even if we haven’t fought the good fight in our past, that the resolve to fight the good fight in the future can make our lives great from this point forward.

So what does this have to do with the Grand Canyon at dawn?

Well, one day at the Grand Canyon, I decided to wake up before dawn so I could be in position to take photos of the “first sunrise.” While my choice wasn’t fraught with danger, it was still an act of will to get up, get ready, head out, and hike over a difficult path to Bright Angel Point. I fought the good fight that day… and, what do you know, my life was great that day.

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