The GOP Hates Itself

Why are the Republicans hating on Mitt Romney? He’s exactly the sort of man they helped to create. By rolling back regulations and getting rid of government interference in the economy, he’s the very man the Reagan Revolution wanted to see standing on the national stage. Mitt Romney is the Frankenstein Monster of the GOP. You guys created him, and he’s aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!

It’s so very ironic to see the GOP candidates not named Romney complaining and moaning about the unfair advantages that Romney enjoys because of his wealth. It’s such a twist of fate to see them cajole Mr. Romney for firing people and corporate raiding. You were the ones that brought that to the USA, so own up to it. You were the ones that put the judges into the Supreme Court that ruled in favor of Citizens United and allowed as much money into campaigns as superPACs could stuff into them. You were the ones that extolled the virtues of free enterprise as the rich gutted companies and moved their acts to Mexico, China, India, and points beyond. This is all your mess, and now you’re in the thick of it.

Ludwig van der Mises once said that those who criticize capitalism as immoral do not understand what capitalism is. It never purports to be a moral system, like Christianity or Islam do. It is an economic system that holds at its core the idea of individuals making all economic choices, free of government interference, as the most efficient means of addressing everyone’s needs. The GOP has long embraced that ideal, even if they did dilute it with some government involvement. Now the product of that ideal has stepped to the lead of their primaries, and the party complains. The GOP hates itself and needs a serious re-think if it’s going to remain consistent.

2 thoughts on “The GOP Hates Itself

  1. Luke N.

    He’s a near-perfect figurehead for all the things Republicans value, kind of like how Ronald Reagan was in the 1980s, but you know, minus all the likability, charisma and stuff.

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