Romney Wins Iowa. So Does Santorum. And Paul.

Considering he was supposed to have been massacred there, edging Santorum by 8 votes is a huge win for Romney. Of course Santorum’s sudden rise is also a victory for him and Ron Paul actually getting mentioned is a huge victory for him. Those are the winners of Iowa.

Gingrich needs to quit whining if he wants to get more traction. He’s not out just yet, but soon will be due to his lack of organization. Perry is wisely considering an exit. Bachmann was supposed to have tromped over everyone in Iowa, but came in last. Proving she’s insane, she’s gone on to campaign in South Carolina.

After winning Iowa, Romney enjoyed getting an endorsement from John McCain. I see that as a quid pro quo for Romney’s endorsement of McCain in 2008. At the end of the day, Romney’s going to be the GOP nominee. He can win elections and he can negotiate with the Democrats. The GOP may split over this, but it’s time the “Anyone But Romney” group learned that American politics has to be about compromise if it’s going to succeed.

2 thoughts on “Romney Wins Iowa. So Does Santorum. And Paul.

  1. Luke N.

    8 votes…that’s less than an AcDec team.

    I thought Santorum gave a great speech. He really humanized the middle class with his speech about his grandfather. It was a crusial moment for him and he played it well. With the inevitable attacks Romney’s gonna take over the next few weeks, I think Santorum will maintain his front runner status for the next few weeks.

    Ron Paul supporters are going to have a hard time going to anyone else. I’m guessing their turnout won’t translate to GOP votes in a general election if and when Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination.

  2. ugochi ebinama

    I think the reason why Bachmann came in last is because in her campaign she talked about how she is interested in the young generation, but research shows that the most votes come from individuals 35 and older.

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