Sheesh, Perry… Man Up!

The man that had the nerve to deny federal aid to help pay for teachers is now looking for that same federal aid to help put out the fires in his state. Rick Perry. What a disappointment.

Perry, I thought you were actually going to be the guy to get Texas to secede, you were such a states’ rights kind of guy. You really stuck it to all those money-grubbing bureaucrats we call “teachers” when you told ’em to take a hike and that Washington’s dollars weren’t welcome here. Now you’ve done a 180 and gone hat in hand to the White House and begged a DEMOCRAT, of all people, for a charity handout.

Sir, you have insulted The Great State of Texas. One way or another, you have insulted the state I call home. Either you should have cared enough about the children of the state to not make them pawns in your power politics or you should stay consistent and let Bastrop burn for all your pandering, pathetic, and just plain poor so-called principles.

Perry, I hope Obama tells you “No.”

Then takes a picture of the look on your face.

Then he says, “Psych! Just kidding.” After that, he pulls out a sign and says, “There’s just one condition: you have to wear this at the next debate.” The sign reads:


5 thoughts on “Sheesh, Perry… Man Up!

  1. Nicole Pham

    With the current condition of Texas schools and the amount of teachers that are being laid off it seems ridiculous that Rick Perry would turn down federal aid for education. Furthermore he is a hypocrite for calling himself a fiscal conservative and then using federal money to patch up the budget in Texas. I suppose he is trying to help his political campaign by saying he has balanced our budget.

  2. Ugochi Ebinama

    hahaha that’s funny, and i wish Obama would do that but it isn’t civil. Rick Perry should be thrown out of office .

  3. Denise Lee

    I read an article on Yahoo! news a few days ago about how Texas is the 6TH POOREST STATE in the U.S., and how it has a higher percentage of minimum workers than anywhere else. Yet, apparently Perry believes that to solve this situation, more jobs should be created. This is going completely against what is happening in Texas, especially schools, where they are cutting teachers. Is this part of some sort of devious, selfish plan, or is he truly trying to help?

  4. Susan Harling

    It can be really frustrating to see this type of hypocrisy come from our politicians. It seems that they don’t act in the interest of their constituents, instead they do whatever they find to be in the best interest of their political career.

  5. Kathy Wong

    It’s hard to take in that Perry has little to no concern for the education field. With education at it’s lowest point, teachers are now helpless on the side of the road needing federal aid, but instead Perry chooses to ignore their issue just to benefit his image by helping out his state. Current teachers are already having to deal with the bigger classrooms and more classes due to the laid-off teachers, and you would think they would be rewarded for their increased service, but nope education funding is continuing to be cut, and Perry’s lack of help leaves teachers buried in deficit.

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