Let the Bidding Begin!

Bank of America made an offer to buy a big chunk of Rick Perry. This is how it’s done, although not usually on camera while the sound is rolling.

The man telling Mr. Perry that Bank of America will help him is James Mahoney, BoA’s directory of public policy. Since Perry didn’t say something like, “Get thee behind me, Satan!” or “Us Texans don’t need no WALL STREET banks to help us out!” or “How about you take your dirty money elsewhere!”, one can only conclude that Mr. Perry will be happy to receive some funding from BoA, most likely in exchange for smiling favorably upon proposals that they place before him.

The going rate for Perry is $25,000 per year, on average. I presume a President Perry would command a higher fee, commensurate with his greater station in politics.

5 thoughts on “Let the Bidding Begin!

  1. Laura

    I remember a scandal from my San Antonio years. It seems that some city council members were accepting cash for their votes. What surprised me was that the average bribe was in the $30 range.

  2. Denise Lee

    While this clip does reveal insight into the dirt in politics, it seems only natural and inevitable that such events occur. The ONLY reason companies and corporations give money out to other people is to find a way to benefit themselves. Of course BoA will expect some reward for spending money to support Perry in his campaign – otherwise, wouldn’t they be handing out cash for naught?

    While revealing, such a process is simply how politics and economics must work.

  3. Jack Casey

    If Rick Perry, and anyone else in our government, really want to help the economy then he will keep the government out of the economy and allow the eb and flow of free enterprise to continue, instead of making deals and messing with things that could have serious repurcussions.

  4. John Tran

    So… Does the money have to come from a well known company or could it come from an unknown group? Lets suppose that down here in texas, we started a group of people that all shared the same interests and concerns about politics and such. The people in this group would donate a sum of money and lets say that some of money added up to a completly random number, lets say $30,000. If we approached Rick perry and said “We couldnt help you” we he too take our “help” as well? Or even better, lets suppose that bank of america was only going to donate 20 thousand dollars, we would still be donating 30 thousand, would the amount of money matter at all or is it the group? ANSWERS PLZZZ!!

  5. John Tran

    I meant “we could help you” and of course we’d have to nominate a representative as well.

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