So Who’s Behind the Tea Party?

Koch Industries, that’s who. The company’s management, the Koch (rhymes with Coke) brothers, use huge sums of money to lobby on behalf of their interests as heads of a massive oil, chemical, and timber firm – as well as issues of interest to billionaires from sea to shining sea. Koch Industries are also heavily involved in derivatives trading… guess how their lobbying dollars fall on that issue.

Koch Industries and its leadership is also against regulations against dioxin, asbestos, and formaldehyde. Nice to know they’ve got loads of say in Congress with their $20 million or so per year spent on lobbying.

I can scrape up enough time in my busy day to email or call my Congressman and Senators: these guys flat-out buy them. I can’t compete with that. You can’t compete with that. Even as a we, we can’t compete with that.

Worse, these guys have tapped into the anger felt by many people in the Tea Party and used it to further their own ends. The Tea Party was hijacked from day one, when the Koch-backed Americans For Prosperity opened up a Facebook page for the Tea Party and got into organizing stuff for them.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Rupert Murdoch has been the Tea Party’s biggest supporter in the media. He’s another billionaire in favor of less regulation of shady dealings when they’re perpetrated by the very rich.

Want more on the Tea Party backers? Her’s a report from Go to the “Bills” tab and take a look at some of the things these guys have influenced: clean water standards, exempting greenhouse gases from the Clean Air Act, price gouging standards, oil spill accountability, and the Over-the-Counter Derivatives Markets Act of 2009, among others. My guess is that Koch Industries is in favor of dirty water, filthy air, price gouging, not cleaning up oil spills, and continued abuse of the wide-open derivatives market – as these issues suit their bottom line.

Need more? Here’s another report from The Center for Public Integrity. Their work shows that Koch is all about getting rid of government influence when it helps them, and gets as much government regulation, subsidy, and involvement when it aids their cause. Not my cause, your cause, or our cause. THEIR cause.

These guys handle 10% of all the ethanol in the USA. They forget their Libertarianism language when it comes to ethanol subsidies. The Koch brothers are tied at 18th place on Forbes’ list of ungodly rich people, and you bet your sweet bippy that they’re going to fight any measure that threatens to touch their piles of cash.

So now you know the real reason why the Tea Party people don’t want to end tax breaks for big oil, ethanol subsidies, or billionaires: their movement is funded by and guided by the very people that benefit from the biggest of governments.

One thought on “So Who’s Behind the Tea Party?

  1. LEJ

    All true, but the real question is….”how do they do it”? They’ve managed to take a movement that benefits them to a great deal, and have managed to convince a large number of people that they will benefit from such legislation.

    Part of this is a feeling from the masses that they are not as well off as others. I use the analogy of a pizza, where one big guy is eating 7 of the 8 slices, and eyeing the piece on someone’s plate…who is angry at the guy who is nibbling on the crust.

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