Goldman Sachs Hates You

Goldman Sachs hates you. Now that the BSkyB takeover is dead, thanks to revelations that Rupert Murdoch’s employees were the private-sector equivalents to the KGB, all the big brokerages that took up huge positions on BSkyB stock in anticipation of that merger are left holding a very expensive bag.

They thought the BSkyB stock would go up, but it is not going to do that anymore. They will take big losses on their positions unless something else happens to get that stock back up. Goldman Sachs just issued a strong “buy” recommendation to its clients in a naked attempt to prop up its bottom line by selling its stock to bigger fools than they. That’s why Goldman Sachs hates you.

The bigger picture is that lots of former GS executives are all over the financial side of the US Government, and they carry that hate with them. Given a choice between ruining 90-95% of Americans or letting the 1% that have been pillaging take a loss, the GS crowd and its cronies will take the first option, every time.

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