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Ryan Perrio, Comedian

Perrio’s a comic that performs here in Dallas a lot. He’s a clever guy that really can deliver. Yes, I really mean it and no, he didn’t pay me to say that. I just think the guy deserves a little more notice and attention. Catch him when you can.

My friend Pam…


I first met Pam in AP English IV, senior year. She sat next to me and I really had a great time talking with her. We’ve talked a little over the years, but finding each other again on Facebook was really nice. Since I’m happy to do portraits of my friends and friends of friends, I was happy to take her request.

Hope you like it, Pam!

A new addition…

New one

So people ask me, “hey, can you draw me?” and I say “sure” and they say, “OK, here’s a picture of me” and then I draw it and then post it because it’s something I really liked doing and had fun with.

You want a picture, too? Let me know.