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19 Mar 2006
Pretty Pictures for sale...

Have a look at No Words for portraits and romantic illustrations. It's something I feel ready to offer to the world, so please feel free to look things over and feel even freer to commission a work for yourself!

I hope you will treat yourself to something special I can provide you.

by Dean Webb

01 Mar 2006

Ah, back from State. We held our ground in a very tough competition, with few teams moving very much at all. Three medals, total, for BHS, and all of them hard-earned.

For 2006-2007, we'll be studying China and climatology, and we've decided that the team that has the most fun studying, wins. To that end, I'm going to work on a great, irreverent look at our study topics and it should become available through Demidec.

As far as my Renaissance packet goes, I'll be expanding upon that and hopefully turning it into a larger work. Eventually. I have all these high hopes. One day I'll finish them off.

by Dean Webb

Posted at:10 Jan 2009 06:21:40 PM

No Words portraits and romantic illustrations.

What's there to say?

I got words and pictures.

I got a message board.

Like I said, what's there to say?