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28 Jul 2005
A sorta open letter to Evan Bayh...

I wouldn't write this to you from your own website if you were allowing your own constituents to contact you via You may disagree with their views, but it's still your job to listen to the people who vote for you, however they choose to contact you. To shut them out as you've done stinks of authoritarianism, and that is as un-American as King George III.

Senator Bayh, why do you hate America?

Listen to your people and represent them, not

1 Goldman Sachs

2 Eli Lilly & Co

3 Carlyle Group

4 Baker & Daniels

5 Next Generation

6 Peabody Energy

7 Anthem Inc

8 Cinergy Corp

9 Morgan Stanley

10 Renco Group

11 Conseco Inc

12 Qwest Communications

13 American International Group

14 National City Corp

15 JP Morgan Chase & Co

16 Susquehanna International Group

17 Citigroup Inc

18 State of Indiana

19 Fannie Mae

20 US Steel

who happen to be your top 20 contributors. Or are you more interested in money than democracy? Seems to me, if those big boys are paying your campaign funds and you're shutting off input from your constituency, then they're calling the shots for you. That means you're bought. Say it ain't so, Mr. Bayh, say it ain't so!

It would be a dirty shame for you to be a bought politician who doesn't listen to his people. That's as un-American as General Cornwallis and warm beer.

Send your own message here!

Don't let cooties like Bayh get away with messing with the American people! Make him respect the power of the people! RIGHT ON!

by Dean Webb

25 Jul 2005
Bug this Senator!

Takes about 20 seconds. Just call, say you don't want him blocking email from, give your name and state, and you're done.

Democracy is worth 20 seconds of your time. DO IT!

Starting right now please call the office of Senator Bayh of Indiana at 202-224-5623. Fax Senator Bayh of Indiana at 202-228-1377. Ask him to stop deterring and discouraging constituent messages received via

If Senator Bayh is allowed to block messages from constituents, others in Congress will do so too. But compel him to change his policy and others in Congress will take note, and not want to test us. Some advice for calling...

* Keep your message short

* Be courteous - one attracts more flies with honey then, well, you know.

* Be sure to mention

* Write down what you want to say before you call.

* Give your name, state your complaint, and then wait and see if they ask for any contact information.

* However, if you're a citizen of Indiana, volunteer the contact info - make it clear you're from Indiana.

* Once again, keep it short.

You'll find that the office staff will probably be courteous. They're used to this kind of thing. Breath deep, and oh, in case I didn't mention it, keep it short. Numbers will persuade, arguments won't likely be noted. It really is best to write it down before you call.

Can this work?

YES. Even if you're not an Indiana resident, call him! Fax him! This guy wants to run for president, so let him know what the NATION thinks!

Why should big-time lobbyists who represent huge piles of money have all the access and get all the laws favoring them? It's time we all got up and told our senators and congressmen to listen to the people, not the monied interests.
by Dean Webb

22 Jul 2005
Karl Rove: The Next Clinton?

When people voted for George W. Bush back in 2000, many of them thought they were going to get a change from Bill Clinton's style of leadership. They called Clinton immoral, unethical, and even went so far as to accuse him of treason.

Now we see someone very close to Bush, his most trusted adviser, doing things that look immoral, unethical, and, yes, treasonous. We need fuller investigation into why his testimony to a grand jury differs greatly from what journalists have said in this grave situation.

We're America. We're supposed to be better than that. When our leaders imply they're going to be moral, ethical, and patriotic, they should hold up to those standards. Should they fail to do so, it is the responsibility of the media - if it is truly free and not a lackey of the powers that be - to hold our leaders responsible and to not let up until the matter is resolved.

When Bush announced his Supreme Court nominee, the Rove story dropped off the radar screens in nearly 900 papers across the nation. It needs to be back in the public eye if we are to have something better than a government of the hypocrites, by the hypocrites, and for the hypocrites.
by Dean Webb

06 Jul 2005
Man, this just rules...

Here's a little something I'm working on that I just have to share with the world.

1469-1478 - Medici Brothers are in their prime. Giuliano is the good-looking one of the pair, Lorenzo, the hard-nosed brains of the outfit. That's not to say Giuliano was dumb: he wasn't. But that is to say Lorenzo was ugly.

The Medici brothers are kinda like the A-Team. If you look at the picture to the right, sufficiently modified in a satirical way so as to fall under "fair use" provisions of US and foreign copyright law, you'll see the resemblance. Seated, in the front, with the ugly-lookin' mug, is Lorenzo "The Magnificent." He was presented as the heavy thinker of the outfit, and would, like Col. Smith, frequently utter, "I love it when a plan comes together!" Giuliano would be like the fellow on the left, the good looking guy, Lt. Peck, also known as the "Faceman" of the group. That means he looked good and could really turn on the charm, winning over everyone to the Medici side, but especially the ladies and the young men who wished they could be as cool as Giuliano. Above the Medici in the picture, we see Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock, who was the pilot for the A-Team. In our analogy, the esteemed humanist Marsilio Ficino would fill that bill. He didn't fly, so much as he piloted the education of the young Medici boys. Rounding out the scene and represented by Mr. T's character, Sgt. "Bad Attitude" Baracus, would be the Medici's ally in Milan, Ludovico Sforza, "The Moor". He was a real tough guy, and he pitied the fools that thought Milan was going to be a republic under French influence. Given that Ludovico didn't rise to prominence until 1476, this photo must have been taken between 1476 and 1478.

by Dean Webb

Posted at:10 Jan 2009 06:21:32 PM

No Words portraits and romantic illustrations.

What's there to say?

I got words and pictures.

I got a message board.

Like I said, what's there to say?