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31 May 2005
Open Letter to Harvey Pekar

Looks like your site hasn't been used since October 2003, but what the hey. Even if this gets me more spam, I figured I'd be an ungrateful jerk if I didn't take time to say thanks for seeing through on your vision. You gave me ideas and stuff to think about, which enriched my life. That's about as good a gift anyone can give when you think about it. You got real good taste when it comes to jazz, and I thank you for the recommendations you've made in your comics.

I teach high school, I lost a son to a hit-and-run driver 4 years ago, and I might have MS. Even so, reading your work helps me to realize the underlying joy of existence that the daily terrors we experience can overwhelm if we allow them to. Joyce will probably like that better than you, but, hey. It's a fan letter, so deal with it.

Thanks so much for doing your thing. In your pursuit of your selfish interests, you brought good to the world, showing that Adam Smith really knew what he was talking about in the process.

I was a fan of yours before I saw you on Letterman, and I buy your comics. Great stuff, man. My favorite is the one about the smell of fresh bread.

by Dean Webb

22 May 2005
More pictures

This time, the family. Covers 2003-2005. Have fun, there's over 850 in there.

by Dean Webb

Speaking of sensory perceptions...

1346 School Pictures

If you were at Berkner High School in the years 2002-2005, you might just be interested in these. If not, well, probably not.

by Dean Webb

An Observation

We live inside an illusion of time and sensory perceptions. The only truth, the only constant we can know, is love.

by Dean Webb

10 May 2005
Record Reviews

Have some fun. Review some records. It's all moderated there, but a good time can nevertheless be had by all. Amazon and other store sites don't necessarily give a clean view of their products, and there's always room for good, critical opinions about records, be they recent, ancient, or in between. Read over the ones there and feel free to create your own!

Have fun!

by Dean Webb

Posted at:10 Jan 2009 06:21:31 PM

No Words portraits and romantic illustrations.

What's there to say?

I got words and pictures.

I got a message board.

Like I said, what's there to say?