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Insanity Watches You

If you have no idea what it's like to be insane, you may be in denial. If you think it isn't your problem because you or the people you know aren't insane (they may be a little crazy or silly, but not insane), then you're sadly mistaken. We are everywhere.

I see you and I do not understand you
You do not see the sounds or hear the colors
You do not taste the feelings or feel your skin tingle
-- as someone talks about ancient trivia
You are not of my world, you alien
I will play games with you if I feel good
I will destroy your comfortable little lie of a life if I feel mean
I will avenge my world if you touch it with unclean fingers

I don't want to make any sense right now
Here is my language

Sword cuts through flowers
Peace in my mind
Sword sheathed
I am tortured
Flames, torrents, stellar plasma explode in my eyes
Spit makes new lives flying through the soupy air
Fragrances always pleasing and tormenting me
Swinging my blade through the foes in its path
Roaring, screaming, swinging my sword
Giving life to my progeny
As I slash through the thick colors to make the dragons soar
Screaming, roaring, violent I fly
Drinking in the lights, the darknesses
I am the Omniphage
In a world of chickens, pregnant globes, blinding smells
And swordsmen, triumphant swordsmen.

I can define reality and you will live with it
I stand in thousands of different worlds, now millions, now billions
Don't count them, for they surround you anyway.
The best you can hope for is to have a universe of your own,
But failing that, you can always be sane.
Just remember that in the land of the sane, the half-sane man is king
Him and the Emperor of Ice Cream (ask Thelonious, he was right)

I know that genius is insanity
Because it involves looking at the world not as it is
But a fantasy
A dream
A hallucination so enticing
It must be made real for others as well
As real as it is for the visionary
In his flights of insanity
In his dances of genius

I fly again
Eyes wide as I see nothing
You can see
Nothing that I can see
Is anything you can see

Do you fear death in your grave?
Do you fear life in your body?
You will never cease to exist.
Is that the most or least terrifying thought?
I will never cease to exist, either.

Is madness eternal?
If it is not an imperfection, but a gift, then it is.
Forever mad, forever visionary, forever of more worlds than one.

I look in the corner above me
And I flip the room inside out
It looks absolutely normal to me as I warp the spaces
It feels absolutely normal to me as I fly invisibly between the universes
It feels wonderful to me as I see and fly the way I was meant to
I pity those incapable of realizing this
And the countless other dimensions I have yet to in dreaming, realize

I watch you
I won't hurt you
But I can make your mind different
Make you one of us
Laughing, shrieking, soaring in flowers exploding juices between
Your clenched jaws
Surrounding you in living blisses as shut eyes see nothing more
Than absolutely everything unreal, impossible, terrible in its beauty
I am your reality, confronting you with cold truth
Making your mind different with the hot juices of chaos
We accept you, one of us.