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Enter the Teacher

When I was an English teacher, I taught my students about poetry. No better way to teach than by example, so I came up with this in early 1995... Anyway, one device I like to use is an inflection point, where one sentence or idea ends and another begins in the same word or phrase. They should be easy to find here, and I've used them in other places. Have fun.

So you care to read this far?
Read on, then:
Enter, mortal, and know me better!
Enter, mortal the teacher you only think you know

Raging currents of burning thoughts
Sear my mind each day
And night
Brings on the fires of joy and neon electricity
As I dream with my eyes still open

Do you think mere punctuation and script
Can contain the hundredth part of my soul?
Do you think my ego too large?
Do you know it is not large enough?

My potential, my capabilities are eternal and
My brilliance is scarcely contained in space-time
Continuums of a pedestrian nature
I see the thousandfold dimensions
Which crumple our universe
Like so much waste paper
In a ball
And travel from one point ot the next
In an instantaneous snap of the foot
I see the things that the gods see
For I have borrowed their eyes from time to time
(They have eternity, so they always have time)
I hear the things that the gods hear
For the eternal wisdom whispers in my soul
I have touched the infinitesimal point
And thereby spawned a universe
I have soared around it
And it is good.

What I can do is up to any man or woman to do
Anyone can be full of himself
Forsaking hollowness for a life of richness and joy
Diving into life, steering clear
Of the ungodlike hazards that devour children
The fires in the mouth, the serpents in the arms
The demons in the bottles, the death in the lovers'
Only glorious things of glory-bound beings
And feed the billion burning stars that await
Feed them and know the source of my power
Feed them and know the source of your power

I don't care if the thought of being like me
Frightens you
I'm flattered if the thought of being like me
Intrigues you
I am me and I burn passionately
Tasting all the glory of my life

I know what a poem sounds like, for I listen with
My heart.
I know what love is, for I touch and embrace with
My mind.
I know what joy is, for I have combined a poem with love and savored the result
I do not snicker when I talk of such things because I know exactly what I'm talking about and I'm not the least bit unsure that
I am me.

Only the dull man doesn't know how to fly.

Touch the ceiling of God's palace, if you will
You'll find my fingerprints there.
Step in the House of the Lord, if you dare
You'll see my face peeking around the corner
Glancing your way as I smile a greeting and
Bid you peace and God's rest and God's will

I never said I was perfect.
I just said I visit my Father once in a while
Don't you?

I knew you a billion years ago
And I'll know you a billion years from now
Will we be next-door neighbors
Or distant acquaintances?
I know what neighborhood I want to move to
When I Ultimately Retire
And I do what I can to rent a room in the
Mansion closest to God.
That is why I am me with a passionate burning.

I know what can and cannot be
The unknown does not exist, and I cannot fear it
I know myself, and I cannot fear what I know
What are you afraid of?
Do you go bump in your own nights?
When you look in your own eyes in the mirror,
Do you see mirrors that only reflect the world you've sold yourself entirely to
Do you count the stars that burn billions of degrees
In your own private universe?
Is your mind full of life or television?
Is your brain filled with knowledge or with toxic residues of pointless little evils?

Genuine emotion and thought are no strangers to me
I welcome them often and know their effects
I dream with my eyes open at midday and thus
I see the gates of Heaven open on a regular basis
I move in ways strange to most humans
But that are common to angels and seraphim

I have seen things with all my eyes
So beautiful, sacred, and wonderful
That it would be blasphemous sin to even
To describe their peaceful glories
So I will do nothing but

I leap across the boundaries of the dreamland
My sword slashes asunder all my foes
I ride the horse at the head of the horses
I slay the witch at the head of the evil
I stand outside my tent on the soil of a world
(Bloodstained sword having finished its work)
Gazing upward at my green home which I lovingly
With its pleasant moon and its forbidding moon
I breathe air on a world a galaxy apart from our
And taste life as my fingers streak the sky with my colorful deeds

Laughing always
Loving always
Moved by deep compassion
Halted by deep rebuttals
I go not far where I am not wanted
But I will go there anyway
Because I am me and I have a
To be curious in every way

Try to stop me and I will only soar higher
Try to not stop me and I carry you along

My ego is huge, my self-esteem vast
I boast mightily in the most humble of ways: I serve all my students with my self
I do not die for my causes: I live on and on for them
Death cannot ever silence me, for I burn too fiercely
For any collection of metals and wounds to quench
The Eternal Flame
Which burns in every immortal
And can be kindled in every mortal

Let my loud boisterousness be an example
That mankind need never stay enshelled
Let my screams and wild eyes
Convince you that madness is only in
Remaining as you have always been.

Jesus never told us to bow down at His feet and
Worship them.
He said, "Come, Follow Me."
And He has never stopped walking.