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The Periodic Polemic

Polemic for 14 October 2000

Regarding "The Shrub"...
from guest polemicist Brian Carr

I have seen the future, and it isn't pretty.

Living in the liberal capital of a conservative state under the auspices of George W., I find my choice in this year's election quite simple.

Contrary to Dean's recent polemic on the topic... we are basically voting for a public relations figurehead who should know better than to utter the slang for sphincter into an open mic. We are voting on a figurehead who should know better than to attempt "subliminable" (sic) advertising in a national campaign. We are voting on a figurehead who should know better than to reject the theory of global warming, outlaw abortion without exception, and oppose hate crime and gun law legislation in one breath.

If stock portfolio gains are a voter's main reason for choosing a candidate, then could they really do better than the double... triple gains on Wall Street over the past eight years?

I am constantly amazed that this election has come down to character issues and which candidate can out-sing the other on Oprah.

Certainly, most Americans have made up their mind about the upcoming election -- for better or worse. I find it fascinating that the election is so close given the huge disparity in experience, and the plethora of gaffes made in each campaign.

Perhaps, when it comes down to it, most of us can laugh off an overheard aside caught by a microphone... but what about the implications when the intended target is not a lowly newpaper reporter, but another world leader? It is a very telling error that smacks of arrogance and inexperience... the frat boy in a suit. (Yeah.. big time.)

Okay.. maybe a little harsh. But, this election is not about open mics or stock portfolios. Maybe not even about the fact that the next President can alter decades of history with the appointment of up to four Supreme Court justices. This election is about choices -- choices that will certainly affect our kids more than they affect us.

I hope voters remember the issues when they go to the polls next month, and not what color tie Bush wore on Regis.

Brian Carr

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