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Webb's Wilderness Focuses on OTTERS

(NOTE: Due to the nature of this exhibit, it may take some time for the page to download all the relevant graphics. Be patient and you will be rewarded!)

Otters are cool. Otters can do amazing things underwater. Otters are cute. Otters can do flips. Otters play. Gwee gwe bwoo aand gwoo bwee. Let's learn more about those wonderful creatures, the otters!

CALVIN: We saw this otter at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, Texas. The otters were river otters. Otters have tails. Otter's tails can help them keep their balance while climbing.

This otter is eating fish Otters can eat fish.

RAINA: In this picture, the oldest otter is taking a fish out of one of the cracks in the rock. The oldest otter had more experience with finding the fish that the otter keeper hides for them to find. He hides the fish because he doesn't want them to get lazy.

It was fun watching the otters go around crazy, trying to find the fish.

JAROM: Ay tee dee tee oh bwaey. Um mugg bwey. Do nim way. Oooooooooowwooooo quih pahck. Eh djeact gneuw om migg bwey a tee way tee dee oh ay gee ay oh jib wey.

I G I I O bwoo. Ay jibbo restday oh bwoo YAY GO BWAY!! YAAAAY!!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm goo WHIPPACK!!!

CALVIN: Otters can close their nose while they're swimming and close their ears while they're swimming. Otters can't get water in their eyes because one eye is like ours and the other eye...

RAINA: They have a special eyelid.

CALVIN: Oh yeah, they have a special eyelid. The special eyelid makes both of the eyes keep water out of the eyes.

RAINA: The Otters are really excited because they know they're going to get food soon. They are really hungry and so they're very impatient for the food to come. The otter keeper hides the fish after he gets the otters to come inside the door you see on the right.

JAROM: Bwir hum. Hay dee chee chee chee. Oh. Bwoo bwoo bwoo bwoo bwoo bwoo bwoo. Bwoo.

Hee chai bwoo! Bwoo bwoo. Biggul. Bwoo! Now koh buh khul bwoo. Neh joh al wah koh wum bi woo boh kul. Bih kul nome. Bwoo. Neh no bolkbway bwoo.

MOM: The otters were even fun to watch while they slept. They looked so cute cuddled up all together. They like to sleep a lot, so it was a good idea they decided to feed them to get them to play.

DAD: Here's another shot of the otters snoozing around. When we got to the aquarium in the morning, they were pretty humdrum. By lunchtime, they had started to play in the pool, and it was lots of fun to see them swim around through the special window there. The highlight of the day, though, was feeding time at around 2 PM. The otters went absolutely nuts as they scurried around for food and was one of the best parts of our visit there. When we go again, we're going to make sure the camera has plenty of battery power so we can catch the feeding on tape!

The Texas State Aquarium is a great place to visit, and we were sure glad we did. If you're ever around Corpus Christi, Texas, you'll want to plan on spending at least one day at the Aquarium to catch the otters and all the other exhibits there. It's best to show up in the morning, catch some fish feeding times, then head on over to the otter feeding in the early afternoon to round out your day. As Jarom said about the aquarium, "Bwoo." Can't argue with that, so go on over there and see you some OTTERS!