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spring for everyone, even the publisher

I love the poetry of e. e. cummings. I wanted to find an online version of "in just". Apparently, online versions of his poetry didn't make enough money for his publishers, so all but three of his poems were yanked when I wrote this, and the one I wanted wasn't allowed. So I just posted my own... "in just" is now available online, to the delight of e. e. cummings fans everywhere.

its spring
when the world is puddle-wonderful and

free for jenny and jeff
come running from marbles and pirates and flowers
free for copyright lawyers
come running from the tombs of the courts
dancing with the little goat-footed balloon man
who whistles far and whee

its spring
burgeoning joy dawning on the buds of the trees
air perfumed with life
so thick you can sneeze it

and the waters of life rain down on spring
birthing again the squirrel
the pigeon
the doodlebug
that curls up when you flick it or touch it
the ground is covered with them in the wet morning air
and they say its
when the world is puddle-wonderful
and the goat-footed balloon man whistles 

the world is free in spring
the ice-cream cone is cold enough to melt
in the warm spring blanket of air
wrapping us all in the bed of life
where we sleep as we awake
stirring in our sleep

pondering busted statues as the vines of spring
make green and jungular
lush humid and dripping
puddle-wonderful far and whee
as the goat-footed balloon man dances on the busted statues and ruins of yore
the crumbles of vanity
under the eternity of life
and spring

the big ripe peach
big as your hand
arouses all of your senses
all of them
bite through the air
your tongue touches the fuzz
hear the nectar as you smell the chomp
and see nothing but the explosion
of the puddle-wonderful

(the period was my idea but other punctuation had to suffer for it