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Fun With Klingons!
First seen on "Late-Afternoon with Dean Webb"

Procrastinating Klingon: Tomorrow is a better day to die...
Absent-Minded Klingon: Was today a good day to die?
Charitable Klingon: Today is a good day for someone else to die.
Hungry Klingon: I must eat before I die.
Pragmatic Klingon: Today is a good day for you to die.
New York Klingon: Who said anyting about dyin'?
Jewish Mother Klingon: I could die TODAY and you STILL wouldn't appreciate me...
New Jersey Klingon: I gotcher dyin'... right HERE!
Standup Comedy Klingon: I just kill me today.
Klingon at a Mexican Restaurant: 3 Tacos Especiales por favor, y es un buen día a morir.
Motivational Speaker Klingon: EVERY day is a good day to die! Say it with me!
Cafeteria Manager Klingon: It is a good day for Brussels Sprouts.
IT Manager Klingon: It is a good day for the server to die! (sound of ma'veq being unsheathed)
Rene Descartes Klingon: It is a good day to stop thinking.
Ed McMahon Klingon: You may have already won a good day to die!
Psychic Klingon: You will die on a good day.
Pest-Control Klingon: It is a good day to spray for roaches.
ACLU Klingon: We have the right to die on a good day.
George Bush Klingon: Today is... is is... There's some dying, you see.. and there's this day... so we will measure our options and be even-handed and... I don't know when people can die.. but .... but... Is Wapner on yet?
Syollogistic Klingon: Today is a day. It is good to die in a day. Therefore, today is a good day to die.
Paranoid Klingon: Every day is just waiting to kill me...
Vampire Klingon: Tonight is a good day to die.
Aussie Klingon: G'day t'die mate!
Dr. Jack Kevorkian Klingon: After lunch sound okay?
Carl Sagan Klingon: With each passing moment, we see millions of momentous subdivisions, considered by those in the higher order moments as being smaller still. Magnifying this effect with a Gaussian perspective we create a measurement based upon visual singularities entrenched in celestial bodied positions. At the precise instant in which from one full rotation of a celestial body to the next that this point of singularity passes though the plane of initial visual queue from the primary source of natural light, we condiser that the good of a sentient being occupying the same space as this momentous intersection of visual plane and singularity can be brought about through a transfomation from its existential determinedness into a permanent phase of lifeless material.