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The Eye of God

This one was originally written on the evening of January 26, 1988. I decided to revisit it and expand upon it. (May 18, 2000)

The dreams that spill over into life,
Creators of artistic reality
Have given me life and life beyond life
I will always be a dreamer
And my children will also be dreamers.

I will have children not of this world,
Teeming trillions and quadrillions of babes,
And all shall be poets, singers, dancers, and dreamers.

One day, the songs I shall sing shall bring forth the stars in my eyes
And all who share my eyes shall have their stars come forth
And all who are my children not of this world
And who have love
Shall become the children of the worlds I shall bring forth from my eyes
And from the eyes of those who share my eyes.
And all this shall be done for the glory of my Father.

Beyond this life, things will be as they should be:
Love shall never be abridged or limited or denied
And there shall be dancing
And I shall dance and spin with the light and the dark,
The dark and the light...
And, perhaps, there will be others,
Others to dance and spin with,
Others that will arrive from beyond the dark and the light
Others that will travel to my place on the other side of the dark and the light
And my place shall be theirs to share.

I dance now in the eye of God
Treading upon his stars
Springing forth from his dreaming eyes.
A child among many
Yet always catching His sight
Always the focus of his attention.

For love is never abridged or limited, or denied
In the eye of God
The eye that sees the dark and the light and all places beyond
The eye that creates the stars upon which we all dance
The stars that inspire us to dream
The dreams that spill over into life
Giving life to the stars in our own eyes
Giving life to the places where our own children will one day dance
In the eye of God.