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Death Camp

I put on my Walkman, it's playing Led Zeppelin-
Houses of the Holy, to be exact.
I pull the lawnmower out, fuel it.
My cat walks by, I pet it a while.
Then I start the mower and begin the job I must do.
If I don't do it, I won't get paid.
Coolly, efortlessly, the power mower glides over the grass,
Not one blade escapes untouched.
Bagging the grass is the worst part-
How do I get all the blades into the bag?
It's impossible, some just fall to the side.
I let them lie. Too much trouble to pick them up.
I go through the Zeppelin, then BTO, then Rainbow.
It takes some time to mow the whole lawn.
Finally, I finish the job.
I get paid.
But all the grass will be back next week.

Hitler played a Gotterdaemmerung
The camps were stocked
The soldiers stopped to kiss their families good-bye
Before they entered the service.
Then they started the machines, the lines
If they didn't, getting paid was the least of their worries.
Still, coolly and effortlessly, the camps consumed the human fuel,
Hardly anyone was untouched.
Handling the remains was the worst part-
How does one bury 30,000,000 bodies in just a few years?
It's impossible, some just rot in the sun.
They were left to lie. Too much trouble to clean them up.
They went through the Jews, Gypsies, Russians, many others.
It takes some time to finish genocide.
They almost finished the job.
They got paid.
But the 30,000,000 souls did not come back the next week.