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Top 10 Reasons Why Alexander the Great
Wasn't a Good Manager

10. Did not develop a proper mission statement before invading Persia.

9. Going from conquering Persia to wanting to rule the world is one heckuva scope creep.

8. Killing those who disagreed with him not a good consensus-builder.

7. Spent way too much Quadrant 2 time with his horse, Bucephalus.

6. Did not stick with core competency of winning battles and got into trouble when he branched out into getting roaring drunk every night.

5. Did not hold weekly status meetings.

4. He was out of his home office in Macedonia for over 10 years and never once bothered to check his voice mail.

3. Spent too much time with his marketing department and started believing he was a Greek god or something.

2. Did not document his looting and pillaging processes to ISO 9000 standards.


Missed a huge opportunity by not consulting with venture capitalists about taking his empire public.