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Betty the Bear and Her Beloved Backscratcher

Betty the Bear and Her Beloved Backscratcher PDF file (3.1MB, 22 pages). **Please choose to save it on your hard drive, so as to save wear and tear on my Internet connection. Thank you.**

"Not having a backscratcher to satisfy an itch with a skritcha skritcha skritcha skritch made Betty the Bear quite upset. We should all understand why: when thereís an itch that canít be itched, it gets itchier and itchier to the point where it is a first class nuisance.."

This children's book was written by Dean Webb and illustrated by his daughter Malia and it tells the gripping tale of what happens to a bear that can't find her backscratcher! It's fun, it's silly, and it's something parents of all ages will enjoy reading to kids of all ages. It's only $4.49, so it's definitely a book you'll want to share with the whole family.

Mexico: A Personal History

Mexico: A Personal History PDF file (13.9MB, 191 pages), MOBI file (ebook version with illustrations, 16MB) **Please choose to save these on your hard drive, so as to save wear and tear on my Internet connection. Thank you.**

"Josť and his buddies also told Madero to become a vegetarian and to give up alcohol. Madero was able to launch several more opposition newspapers with the money he used to spend on pork chops and tequila." (p.121)

Dean Webb's gonzo history stylings visit Mexican history and the combination is magical. Profusely illustrated with the author's own photographs and screen captures from Mexican films, this history covers Mexico from Precolumbian times on up to 2008. Written in a familiar, conversational style, Mexico: A Personal History offers up insightful, humorous, and compelling insights into Mexico and what made it the nation it has become. Webb's enthusiasm about his subject is contagious and at $4.50, This book is in the "can't miss!" category.

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23 Pages About Texas

The chapter on Texas from Mexico: A Personal History PDF file (1.6MB, 23 pages) **Please choose to save it on your hard drive, so as to save wear and tear on my Internet connection. Thank you.**

"The Texas spirit is derived from the brand of men insane enough to want to fight Comanches on their own, thank you very much..." (p.7)

Here's a quick and fun little preview of Mexico: A Personal History. It's all about Texas and how it stopped being part of Mexico and commenced to being part of the United States. If you love Texas, this is a no-brainer. You've already downloaded it. If you ever wondered why Texans were so darn crazy, this will answer all your questions. If you just want an entertaining read, well, what are you waiting for? This will get you laughing, thinking, and might even set your toes a-tappin' as you read along. I said might. At any rate, you owe it to yourself to read this and have the fun contained therein.

This preview is 100% free. Think of it as my gift to you. If you enjoy it, please do buy the book it came from, Mexico: A Personal History, as featured above.